A Division of Biforst Group

1. Software Solutions

2. Multimedia Solutions

3. Business Solutions

4. Human Resource

5. Marketing Services

1. Software Solutions :

Offer robust Solutions in least time frames and at highly competitive rates while adding value to the client's business.

Biforst Technology has the following technical focus:

• Object Competence Group - Java, C++, COM,    CORBA, Distributed Computing etc.
• Open Source Group - CGI, PERL, PHP, MySql    etc
• Microsoft Competence Group - .Net    Framework, ASP, Visual Basic, SQL Server etc

2. Multimedia Solutions :

Offer creative and user friendly solutions in least time frames and at highly competitive rates while adding value to the client's business and branding.

Biforst Technology has the following technical focus:

• Animation - 2D & 3D

• Portal Design

• Website Registration, Design, Hosting and    Maintenance

• Corporate Presentations

• Print Media Design - Poster, Banner, Boucher,    Business Card    and Letterhead.

3. Business Solutions :

Biforst Technology provides Professional and Intellectual managerial inputs to corporate for smarter and faster decision-making.

Biforst Technology believes in the concept of continuous improvement and positive change, therefore it aspires to get into lasting relationships with all its clients.

Biforst Technology shares knowledge and expertise with companies on a regular consulting service basis, which adds value to clients business. Biforst Technology also adds creative touch to the client's business with innovative and professional mark and achieves solutions at reasonable prices.

4. Human Resource :

Biforst Technology is into recruitment and staffing for clients since over 5 years. It has have already placed over 100 professionals in reputed companies based out of US, Australia, UK, Ireland, France & Singapore.

Biforst Technology provides added value to both clients and candidates by constantly tracking satisfaction and improving service.

We seek to establish a long-term relationship with our clients and uphold the highest ethical values and integrity.

5. Marketing Services :

Biforst Technology takes up the marketing services and adds value to clients existing business and promote their products and services in the better way on par with competitors.

• Brand Promotions through
         o Internet Marketing
         o Direct    Marketing

• Marketing Process Outsourcing

• Recruit & Resource Process Outsourcing



Biforst Technology (India) Pvt Ltd